Can I sell $VOPO after purchase?

Yes, definitely. Unlike other coins or tokens that lock the selling option, $VOPO operates differently. There is no central owner for the smart contract, which means it cannot be modified to prevent sales or lock transactions or even addresses as a whole. As a result, we do not have any control over your selling or buying of $VOPO coins. more

Is there any tax on $VOPO transactions?

No, there are no taxes on buying or selling $VOPO. The smart contract of $VOPO does not contain functionality to impose taxes and does not have an owner, which means no such functionality can be added. more

Who is the owner of $VOPO Coin?

To clarify, $VOPO does not have an owner. The smart contract of $VOPO is designed without an owner. However, if you're asking about the creators, $VOPO was created by a community effort involving members from Japan and India, with additional community members in Turkey, Singapore, and several Middle Eastern countries. We are continuously expanding our reach by adding more marketing gurus from around the world.

How is the marketing for $VOPO done?

While we have a small marketing team, it's important to understand that $VOPO, much like Dogecoin, PepeCoin, Shiba Inu, and even Bitcoin, is community-based. This means that anyone who holds even a small portion of $VOPO can undertake marketing activities in any location they deem appropriate, based on local rules and regulations. You might come across our marketing efforts on various websites, channels, or other places, but not all initiatives are directly from us. Essentially, anyone benefiting from $VOPO can contribute to its marketing.

Why can't I see the value of my $VOPO coin in TrustWallet?

Because $VOPO is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, the price will become visible in any wallet once it gets listed.

Is $VOPO Secure?

$VOPO's contract is ownerless, enhancing its security. The burning of LP tokens further ensures stability by permanently locking liquidity.

Has the $VOPO LP Token Been Burned?

Indeed, the $VOPO LP tokens have been burned in a move to stabilize the market and increase the token's value. This locks the liquidity in the pool permanently, securing it against removal and showing our dedication to a stable and growing ecosystem for $VOPO holders, boosting confidence in our project's future. https://bscscan.com/tx/0x7c6ad660fc722d018d77489d9b85bc8af53bae0e5e7e3c524943cba62ab42479

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